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Je are reading this blog because as a trader, you would like to become consistently profitable. Trading is hard and a lot of people make a mistake about that. What I regularly hear are traders or starting traders who would like to trade, but don’t want to sit behind the…

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The blockchain is a distributed database, which means it consists of multiple copies of the same information. These records can be shared across many different networks and devices that are linked together through various software applications.

As such, the blockchain is decentralized. Decentralization means there’s no one person or organization…

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Mathematics, the difficult subject for many of us. I myself had a lot of trouble with it and couldn’t get a pass. Until I started thinking about the way I was learning. I started doing research and found out that I was doing it totally wrong.

Studying before the test…

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Does a text topic always go like this with you guys too? “We need new topics, guys. Who’s offering?” … long pause and cricket sounds….

Coming up with blog topics for your business blog is more than waiting for a manifestation from the universe. You have to do something about…

Foto door Tima Miroshnichenko via Pexels

Should school start later to take the biorhythms of schoolchildren into account? A great deal of research in the Netherlands, England and the United States, among others, shows that the early starting time of school is an important cause of sleep deprivation and poor sleep quality among pupils aged 10…

Jort Janssen

My name is Jort. I am a starting entrepreneur. I write about entrepreneurship, my experiences and crypto. Of course I write about things I like.

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